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A documentary film project about youth, hip-hop and politics in Haiti

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Led by the fearless Toussaint l’Ouverture, Ayiti (an Amerindian and African term meaning home or mother of the earth) gained its independence in January of 1804, making it the only nation born of a slave revolt. The Haitian Revolution will be forever thought of as one of the most historically significant revolutions in the world and Haiti as the first republic run by people of African ancestry. Over the past 200 years, Haiti has been a continued source of inspiration for African people across the globe.

However, with the continued presence and occupation of European and US forces, accompanied by political corruption and dictatorship, Haiti is currently one of the poorest countries in the world. It’s been nearly one year since the country was ravaged by an earthquake, weeks after a deadly cholera epidemic has threatened to spread throughout the country, and days since Hurricane Tomas hit its shores, and amidst all this, campaign posters cover the walls of Port Au Prince as the nation readies itself for the Presidential Elections, scheduled for Nov 28th, 2010.

With nearly half of its population under the age of 18, the Haitian youth are being left out at this critical juncture. The force behind ‘Democracy in Dakar’ and ‘Democracy in Paris,’ Nomadic Wax is working to add Haiti to the ongoing ‘Democracy In’ documentary series. ‘Democracy in Haiti’ will explore the current political situation from the heart and minds of its youngest, most vulnerable and under-represented citizens.

Nomadic Wax is partnering with Vox Sambou, a well-known Haitian hip hop artist/activist based in Montreal and a collective of young Haitian hip-hop generation filmmakers called ProVision leading the on the ground effort, the documentary will follow a variety of young people to examine why Haiti’s youth have become so separated from mainstream Haitian society and the democratic system. From pop-stars and leading MC’s to graffiti writers and poets to activists and academics, speaking as the unheard voice of young people today, the documentary film will aim to paint a portrait of the role of youth during the 2010 presidential election in Haiti.

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